Organisations who want to use innovative marketing and training tools, and video instruction manuals

Project examples:

Direct mail, exhibition promotions, presentations, instruction guides, training manuals and event promotion

Video brochures:

Video brochures combine the appeal of a printed brochure with the impact of video and sound. They deliver your message more effectively than traditional media and are highly effective for use in marketing campaigns, training and explainer videos. Combining an LCD screen with optional buttons for play, pause and volume controls in a printed outer case, video brochures can be pre-loaded with your video or you can load a custom video on each unit through the micro-USB cable supplied. The USB cable is also used to charge the device.

Video brochures are sure to make an impact and create a lasting impression!

The ultimate marketing and training tool…

  • Full colour printed with a range of finishes to enhance your brand
  • High resolution LCD screen to display your video
  • Options for play/pause/multiple videos and volume controls
  • Video loaded and unit charged using micro USB cable supplied
  • Memory and battery size options to suit your needs
  • Can be used again and again with different videos
  • Multi-lingual versions are simple to create and load
  • Works like a memory stick – no additional software needed
  • ‘Business card’, A5, A4 and custom sizes available
  • Cost effective – available in quantities from 5 units upwards