Innovative organisations communicating with stakeholders through mobile devices


Project examples:

Telemedicine, remote diagnostics, marketing, education, training, instruction guides, geolocation

App Development:

Your own app brings your organisation’s services, treatments and procedures to your target audience – whether for patients, clinicians, customers or for training your staff. Apps can be used for a wide range of information exchange, training, educational and leisure purposes. We design and develop apps for public distribution on mobile and tablet platforms, iOS, Android or Windows, and for limited use within your own organisation and by your designated users for specific and confidential purposes. We also design and develop web-based apps.
We are currently working with clients to develop apps for:

  • Wearable tech – to deliver information on physical activity
  • Telemedicine – remote diagnostics and reporting
  • Allergies – to support people with life-threatening allergies
  • Physiotherapy – to remind patients how to do exercises
  • Physio/Biomechanics – to report patients’ progress to clinicians
  • Disability – to aid people with disabilities using public transport
  • Learning difficulties – to help people to get into work
  • Training – to deliver workplace-based training
  • Education – to enable learning through visual communication
  • Employers – to help employers to support staff development

Starfish Labs

For more information on App Development, please get in touch with our sister company Starfish Labs.

We are open for business!

During these uncertain times, we understand that marketing may not be at the forefront of people’s minds. However, businesses are still trading and people are still buying. You need to tell people that you’re still in business, how they can contact you, and if you have any changes to the way you are delivering your product or service.

If we can help you in any way - with website updates, social media, graphic design and print for flyers, leaflets or notices, we’re here to help. Our staff are all fully operational, well, and working from home, so we can offer a wide range of services to help you trade through these difficult times and to communicate your current business status updates.

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