The Movement Centre


Redesign of website, marketing materials and exhibition graphics

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The Movement Centre, based at the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Hospital in the UK, is a registered charity and a centre of excellence providing a specialist therapy called Targeted Training to help children who have a disability, such as cerebral palsy. Evidence shows that with the addition of a 9-12 month course of Targeted Training a child is 3 to 4 times more likely to gain functional skills than with conventional physiotherapy alone.

Hunter Bevan work with The Movement Centre to develop their website, brochures and leaflets, exhibition graphics and Annual Impact Review. Their target audiences include clinicians for referrals, parents, funders and potential sponsors, so their marketing materials are tailored to the relevant audience – whether to promote and educate the medical profession about Targeted Training, to let parents know what to expect, or to tell potential sponsors how they can help to fund the innovative work of the organisation.