Tailoring your marketing message to global markets

When you’re trying to attract business in a global market, or you’re already working with customers overseas, you’ll know how things can sometimes be misunderstood. Even the tone of a colour can have a meaning…

The same goes for localising to cultural audiences within the UK. Hunter Bevan specialise in localising clients’ marketing materials to global audiences. Converting sales brochures from your overseas partners that work in their own markets, but just aren’t ‘right’ for a UK or European audience, can be just as important as localising your own marketing materials to sell overseas.

We have experience in developing marketing materials – both printed and online – aimed at selling goods and services – both B2B and B2C – in Europe, the USA, Malaysia, Australia, Israel and Russia, to name but a few. We work with native-speaking technical translation partners to ensure your message is delivered effectively, and in the ‘tone of voice’ you want to use to talk to your target audiences is carried through to your translated copy. The same goes for printed copy – including right to left reading languages and ‘non-Roman’ alphabets, where we work with native-speaking typesetters and proofreaders to make sure your marketing message is right first time.  Talk to us to see how we can help.